Current Issue

Angle opens by default (PC: left click on image, Mac: click on image) in a new window in your web browser. It is strongly recommended, however, that you save a local copy (PC: right click on image, Mac: Ctrl-click on image, and choose ‘Save target/link as…’);  you can then view it in standalone Acrobat Reader. Some features of the journal will not function correctly in a browser window.

If you have difficulty reading Angle in its default (facing page/fit width) layout, you have two options: enlarge it, using the toolbar (100% should be sufficient on most screens), although beyond a certain point you may then need to scroll horizontally to see all of adjacent pages; or, go to ‘View’/’Page Display’ and select ‘Single Page View’, although in that case you will lose some aspects of the layout.

Angle is compatible with all versions of Acrobat from 10 onwards, and we recommend downloading the latest version of Acrobat Reader (DC).

Contents are hyperlinked for ease of navigation. Please note that the ekphrastic supplement, arsy-versy, has its own contents page.